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March 17th

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The largest Laravel event of the year, streamed directly to you.

We’ve put together a full day of talks featuring some of Laravel's brightest minds, and streaming them directly to your home or office.

These talks are brand new and never before presented at any Laracon, including brand new feature announcements from Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel. All talks are presented live during the event.

Tickets are just $29.99!

Can't watch it LIVE?

No problem, all talks will be recorded and available online for viewing at your convenience shortly after the conference ends.


This year's talks are focused on
the Laravel Internals.

  • Christoph Rumpel

    Christoph Rumpel

  • Mohamed Said

    Mohamed Said

  • Bobby Bouwmann

    Bobby Bouwmann

  • Miguel Piedrafita

    Miguel Piedrafita

  • Taylor Otwell

    Taylor Otwell

  • Caleb Porzio

    Caleb Porzio

  • Marcel Pociot

    Marcel Pociot

  • Nuno Maduro

    Nuno Maduro

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A supercharged day of learning and being inspired…

8 intense 60 minute talks, giving you a deep dive into the Laravel internals

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)


  • Diving the Queue

    Mohamed Said

    How the most interesting framework component works under the hood.

  • The final Laravel Service Container talk

    Christoph Rumpel

    Enough of discussing how to use the service container, it's time to talk about the when and why.

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  • Routing Laravel

    Bobby Bouwmann

    Let's find how Route:: works and where we can reuse it for our own technical challenges.

  • Laravel Update

    Taylor Otwell

    Laravel. What else?

  • BREAK;

  • Understanding Laravel broadcasting

    Marcel Pociot

    Let's uncover how broadcasting works under the hood in Laravel, and how a client-side implementation of Laravel Echo sends events to our browser.

  • Understanding Foundation: What ties everything together

    Miguel Piedrafita

    A deep dive into how the illuminate packages come together to create Laravel.

  • BREAK;

  • Doing small things with Livewire & Alpine

    Caleb Porzio

    Livewire and Alpine are capable of big things. But what about the small? In this talk, we're going to look at common, every-day development tasks and see how a sprinkle of Livewire or Alpine can enhance our workflows.

  • Laravel's Artisan Console component

    Nuno Maduro

    We're about to recreate Laravel's Artisan console component from scratch, and demystify all the code and magic behind it.

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Part of the excitement of Laracon is the chance to network and make new connections. For Laracon Online, you can rely on our dedicated Discord and Discourse to chat before, during, and after the event.

Discuss the talks as they happen, swap notes, and make new friends from around the globe.


No conference is complete without swag! And we've arranged for some top notch digital swag for all attendees.

Far from the junk you drag home from a traditional conference; our digital swag is convenient, useful, and worth far more than the $29.99 ticket price!

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